Maybe if she also desperately wants a relationship

If I dint go MGTOW, what other options did I have?

I made myself available to too many women. Nobody respected it.

I took the initiative. Every single time, I was rejected.

I spent a lot of time to write a good profile presentation on social networking sites, I still got rejected.

I thought maybe there is something wrong with me. I developed myself and worked hard on academics. Thought maybe, if i get to learn a woman as a friend, maybe that will take the relationship somewhere. But I got friend zoned.

I kept working hard. Landed a good job in a tech company with good enough salary.

Now if i get interests from women, what should I think about them? Whores? What else do you call things that don’t respect you when you be nice to them and give all the fuck when you establish yourself?

And then they expect men to treat them like princesses and spoil them all the time. Why should I? I would if they loved me back when I loved them.

How low should I go?

Gender equality

Maybe one reason for MGTOW men to get back into relationships is if she is aggressive and desperate as I was in my mind 20s. If she takes the initiative, go through nuclear rejections, pay for the dates, pampers us, maybe. Remember gender equality means, men shouldn’t be the only ones taking the initiative. So women,  get your acts together and take the initiative.


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