Man hatred: teaching transgender people that its man’s fault

I am a gender equal and transgender activist. Naturally I have some very nice M2F, F2M transgender friends. We talk all the time about how transgender people are treated unequally and badly by the society.

One peculiar thing I notice is that a lot of transgender people are convinced that transphobia is because of men. Thanks to feministic propaganda. Feminists will always find a way to blame men for all the things wrong with religion, evolution and society.

The danger here is that young transgender men and women buy into this feministic propaganda and hate men for no reason.

I agree there are some religious faggots who are transphobic. But is not a man thing. I know equal number of female friends who ago “Eww” when you mention transgender rights to them.

One women even said to me, it is not appropriate to talk about drag queens during office hours. What. the. fuck?

In media, you always find radical feminists abusing transgender women. They accuse them of having “Male privileges”. Really? I agree it could be a “little” difficult for women than alpha men. But what did poor suppressed gay and transgender women do to you? Have you ever been one? Let alone transgender, do you know how hard it is to be a beta or a sissy man?

I get really upset when a very privileged white bitch calls a brown gay man privileged. What. the. fuck? Seriously!

Coming soon………..


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