Why do we need genders anyway?

I guess this would be the most intriguing question at the end of 21st century: Why do we need genders anyway?

We all know genders are side effects of evolution. Evolution invented gender to maintain genetic variance and also two parents will be better at rising a child than one parent (at least for complex mammals).

But we are at odds against evolution today. Which is a good thing. I will explain why shortly.

Humans above evolution

The same way we said fuck you to Religion using evolution, we are at the edge of saying fuck you to evolution using intelligence.

I know. I know. You are liberal and angry that i say bad stuff to evolution. But listen. I am a Darwinist too. I fully believe in evolution. And I have no doubt that we are products of evolution and intelligent design is a joke.

But all learnt biologists who study evolution would agree with me that: evolution is a bitch. Evolution has so many good qualities. It is the sole reason why we exist today. But is cruel in many ways.

Survival of the fittest

Evolution mercilessly kills organisms that are not suitable for a given environment. Think Hitler. But Hitler was stupid of course. Evolution is about what organism would thrive given a certain condition. Gross generalization (sorry): Whites have more chance of surviving in the Arctic and black people in Africa (given all the other factors are same). Hitler thought that Whites are superior everywhere.

Today we are better than evolution. We are more merciful and try to preserve and sympathize with poor organisms that die because they are not the fittest organism in a given environment. Heck, we can actually transport an organism to an environment where it can thrive. Although this might give rise to invasive species.

Sexual selection

The biggest thing i hate about evolution is: How much importance it gives to sexual preference. Sex is like a filter to pass down your genes. Both sexes should like each other to reproduce. To make each other like, evolution introduced sexual traits. These sexual traits are often useful but mostly useless.

Like for example, human females prefer strength and muscles to intelligence and kind. Of course, we know that strength and muscles are almost obsolete in humans. We have robots for that now ;).

Gender roles

This is where we are getting whole this time. Why do we still need genders. Evolution invented genders and made them diverse with different capabilities.

“Men could be strong, protect their kin and win the bread. Women shall give birth, take care of the kids and help the man.”, it said. But we humans are intelligent enough to discard these type of gender roles.

We know women today don’t want to play side kick role. They want to be successful, win bread, give protection and what not. And why shouldn’t they?

Technology to the rescue

Like for every other problem, technology has a better solution!

Produce egg and sperm cells

Even today, it is possible to produce Egg and Sperm cells from stem cells. This means that you don’t need a woman or man to reproduce.

Invent a way to incubate a baby in an artificial womb

So what if we invent a way to incubate a baby outside a biological womb? Wow!

For men:

Imagine you don’t have to listen to women whine about how they have to go through periods and pregnancy because of us. Their claim that it is male privilege to not go through these two could be mooted too. We don’t have to be suspects and them victims anymore.

For women:

Yay! You don’t really have to go through periods and pregnancy. And you can be more independent of women. Don’t have to fear about marriage-o-clock.



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