Man hatred: teaching transgender people that its man’s fault

I am a gender equal and transgender activist. Naturally I have some very nice M2F, F2M transgender friends. We talk all the time about how transgender people are treated unequally and badly by the society.

One peculiar thing I notice is that a lot of transgender people are convinced that transphobia is because of men. Thanks to feministic propaganda. Feminists will always find a way to blame men for all the things wrong with religion, evolution and society.

The danger here is that young transgender men and women buy into this feministic propaganda and hate men for no reason.

I agree there are some religious faggots who are transphobic. But is not a man thing. I know equal number of female friends who ago “Eww” when you mention transgender rights to them.

One women even said to me, it is not appropriate to talk about drag queens during office hours. What. the. fuck?

In media, you always find radical feminists abusing transgender women. They accuse them of having “Male privileges”. Really? I agree it could be a “little” difficult for women than alpha men. But what did poor suppressed gay and transgender women do to you? Have you ever been one? Let alone transgender, do you know how hard it is to be a beta or a sissy man?

I get really upset when a very privileged white bitch calls a brown gay man privileged. What. the. fuck? Seriously!

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Men are privileged. Women are victims.

Men are privileged. Women are victims.

I keep hearing from the every feminist I meet, How privileged men are. They have this opinion that men are born with privileges and that is what makes us successful, arrogant or whatever. From their perspective, women are silent victims with no privileges.

This shit is so repetitive, you cannot discuss with a feminist without hearing this.

I don’t understand who they are talking about. What kind of men? Geek men? Brown men? Short men? Gay men? Transgender women? Shy men? Men who can’t walk?

What privileges exactly?

NOTE: I will talk about some privileges here. And continue this discussion is several other posts. I also plan to quote some feminist articles on male privileges and highlight those that really are privileges and those that feminists make up.

NOTE: These are just opinions. If you find something wrong, do school me.

Gender pay gap?

I agree that men are a little privileged here. That is something we as a society have to fix. But it is not only women who are affected by this.

Short men make considerably lesser than taller men.

Gay men don’t get a job or loose their jobs if they go out of the closet. They are also considerably paid less.

Nothing against tall white straight men. But most women think that these are the only fuck-able and men.

Stop considering that only tall white straight men are the only men on the planet.

Sexual harassment?

For sanity’s sake, Sexually harassing some is a CRIME. It is not a privilege.

Women do get sexually harassed more than men. Which is totally wrong. But what women don’t see is that men are harassed too. Men are harassed into being a suspect.

I don’t know about you. But if someone asked me if I would be a victim or suspect of a crime ‘I did not commit’. My answer definitely would be victim.

And talk about those fake rape charges and over sensitive feminists jumping on unnecessary unrelated things.

Reverse privileges

I think women have unspeakable amount of sexual privileges. Men worship women more than women do men. Women get all kinds of compliments, appreciation, sexual advances, etc than average man does. This is clearly a privilege. I do understand that women don’t consider it as a privilege. But you have to look from an average man’s perspective. Basically nobody gives a shit if we exist or don’t exist. Let alone compliment or appreciate us.

Dressing to your desire?

Seriously, in 21st century, in western world, nobody gives a fuck what you wear.

If somebody is pissed off that you are showing too much skin, he must be a fucking religious shithead. It is not a male thing. But rather a conservative and religious thing.

Men cant show what they want either. How about I wear a dress that shows off most of my butt or maybe my dick? Women seem to be grossed out to even see dick pics on social networking sites. How about seeing them at your work place everyday?

In fact, we would appreciate if you come all naked to work too. Kidding but that is also true :P.

Men can be fat?

Really? It is easier for men to be fat than women? Not really. That idea makes me think that you are only cared about women not about men.

Men have lot of other body shaming too. Fat, short, not muscular, skinny, you name it.

Athletic, well build men and women take all social and sexual attention and respect. It is not a gender issue. It is a hierarchical issue.

Pursuing STEM degree

This is total bullshit.

According to feminists, women don’t pursue tech because it is a male dominated field. Bullshit! A lot of fields were mostly male dominated fields a century ago. How are women doing fine on several other fields but not on STEM?

Most women (like most men i meet) are adverse towards STEM. Geek. Ekk! Nerd. Eww!

How about making STEM more sexy and not dorky?

Being a scientist needs lot of effort, time and dedication. It is not like becoming a wood cutter or hair dresser. Not always but you might have to do these things to excel in STEM. Sometimes, you have to leave your social lives behind. Sometimes, you have to embrass the introvert inside you. etc. Just guessing, Maybe a lot of women are not ready to do that.

I am a STEM major. We are very open to women. In fact, all we discuss mostly is why do so few women pursue STEM fields.

Reverse privileges

Because there are few women in STEM and because most of us in STEM are liberals and because feminists have a free run voicing their concerns and doing something about it, today women have preference in STEM than men.

Sexual and Social privileges

We all know women have upper hand sexually and socially. It is easier to lose your virginity, get laid, have a lot of one night stands if you are a women. Sex is an important thing in one’s life. And women have a clear upper hand on this.