Men need more advanced and intimate sex toys

We all know well by now that, 80% of women in their 20s go for 20% of alpha men, leaving 80% men single, alone, desperate and fragile.

This condition for men is very dangerous. Sex is like hunger. If you cant afford to eat, sooner or later you are more likely to steal than die of hungry. Same goes for sex. This is a very dangerous situation for men and women.

It is hard to get women to their senses and fuck average men. One option seems to be forget women, go MGTOW and love abstinence or masturbation. I have discussed few other ways in other posts like

  • Go homosexual
  • Go bisexual
  • Become transgender
  • Respect and love transgender women
  • Advanced┬ásex toys!

So this post is about advanced sex toys.

Coming soon………..