My experience with open relationship

If you read my blog, you would know that I support polygamy for both women and men. Unlike Islam :P.

It should be the person’s choice. If one prefers polygamy, he or she should have the right to pursue it. It should not be a taboo.

I tried open relationship once. When I was 25 years old, I had a semi-girl friend. Guess what semi-girl friend means ;). So she was already in love with another man. But she had to move to my neighborhood, away from her other boy friend. And she needed company while she stayed here.

I seldom get girl friends and i am liberal, So i said Ok.

It went on smoothly for a while. I never met him, never talked to him. Just knew he existed somewhere. But as time passed by, there was always this feeling inside me that this is temporary. I couldn’t commit myself completely, because I knew she would be gone one day. Although I knew monogamous relations will also be gone or divorced one day. I could feel that she felt the same way too. But we had good sex the whole time ;).

I consider myself excessively romantic. I like to spoil and surprise my girl and make her feel special. But I couldn’t do it for her. Don’t know why.

And time passed by. And she left as expect. Surprisingly, she dumped the other guy too.

Another reason why I felt insecure in this relationship is, I knew it would be easy for her to move on and find other partners. But as 25 year old average man, it is impossible for me. So I felt if i am showing excessive care and love, she should deserve it and i should have equal opportunity for open relationships.

Maybe I need another chance to truely experience open relationship. Or maybe open relations are too tricky.


Why am I starting this blog?

I am 27 years old. Geek. Software engineer. I think I qualify for “Nice guy” or beta ever body keeps referring to in MGTOW community.

As expected, I have never been married and never had a girl friend. Now, I realize that it is not worth looking for one.

Recently, I have been reading a lot about MGTOW and MRA. Although, I can relate to a lot of what it is written there. There is a lot I can never agree or totally disagree.

I think, today, most of the MGTOW community (at least the ones that speak out), are either conservatives, Christians or women-haters (not very different from radical feminist man-haters). I can’t really put up with the woman-hatred in these communities. I think these people don’t represent the MGTOW community.

This is a little initiative to voice progressive liberal atheistic MGTOW thoughts.

  • I don’t hate women
  • I support gender equality
  • I don’t think  men should dominate and women should be submissive
  • I support abortion and contraception
  • I support independent career minded women
  • I support maternity leaves, better childcare
  • I support everything that empowers women
  • You get it!

But I think, women do have some unfair advantage in certain areas. Especially, they have socially and sexually privileges , at least early in our lives.

Talking about privileges, I don’t like the feminist-ic concept that men are ‘always’ privileged and women are victims. Maybe a century ago. Today, in most of the western countries, the privileges and power are “almost” balanced.

So, in this blog, I am going to voice my reasons on why “Men should go their own way” from liberal perspective.